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The Tan Co. Tanning Glove Deluxe

The Tan Co. Tanning Glove Deluxe

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The glove is perfect for using The Tan Co. products. It enables the self-tanning mousse to be applied evenly. The deluxe glove is perfectly sealed on both sides and is also much thicker than our basic glove in the shop.

It can be used from both sides and has a thumb so that the glove cannot slip from your hand. The soft material makes it very comfortable to use. You can also use the deluxe glove over and over again, just wash it thoroughly after each use.

We recommend always using one of our tanning gloves when using The Tan Co. Mousse.

Tip: If you have eyelash extensions, for example, you should use the Kabuki brush for the eye areas instead of the tanning glove.

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