The Tan Co. Self-Tanner

Vegan certified

Without alcohol

Without perfume


Scandinavian brand

Bestsellers in Estonia

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    No streaks or stains


    We deliver within Germany & Austria


    Not tested on animals

  • -Liza

    ''I'm so impressed. No stains, super easy and even application and a super natural but still noticeable result. I feel so good and won't trade this self-tanner for anything else.''

  • -Pia

    "I am a huge fan of the brand. This self-tanner is the one that suited my skin the best, didn't cause any allergic reactions and the tan lasted a long time. This is the self-tanner I kept going back to. There is no better self-tanner for me."

  • -Janina

    "I have gotten such a much better body feeling thanks to this product. Even though it sounds kind of silly, it immediately makes me feel more attractive and much more comfortable in my own skin."