The tanning mousse should be applied to the skin using a glove in circular movements. For optimal results, it is important to adhere to at least 3 hours of exposure time. Only after the 3 hours is everything showered off - with lukewarm water and without soap, shampoo etc. - if necessary you can also touch it up with a peeling glove. Ideally, exercise should be done before the treatment, at least not during the treatment period, otherwise the result will be worse.

After the 3 hours of exposure and the associated shower, everything can be done again as usual, absolutely nothing will rub off. The tan lasts at least up to a week.


Here is another summary in bullet points.

24 hours before:

  1. Dry brush, shave and exfoliate.
  2. Apply a little body lotion that is not too oily to dry areas of skin.

  1. Take two large pumps of mousse.
  2. Massage the mousse evenly in circular movements with the tanning glove.
  3. Apply additional pumps if necessary (maximum 4-5 pumps per body part -> use 4 large pumps for each arm, for example). Find your individual quantity here. Every feeling is different.
  4. We always recommend taking a little less on your face.
  5. Repairs and touch-ups should always be carried out, if necessary, after the 3 hour exposure time.
  6. Use the Kabuki brush for difficult areas of the body, such as the nose, the back of the hand and the fingers.
  7. Wash the palms of your hands thoroughly after use, but be careful not to get the back of your hands wet. Otherwise, just pat it dry carefully.
  8. Allow the mousse to take effect for at least 3 hours, while avoiding contact with water.
  9. For a more intensive result, you can leave the mousse on longer.
  10. We recommend wearing old clothes during the reaction time, as the mousse may still rub off.
  11. Shower with lukewarm water - without soap/shower gel/shampoo.
  12. Only use the peeling glove if you want to touch up something.
  13. Be careful when drying for the first time, ideally just pat dry.